Meet Our Members!

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Andrew Rojas, Chair

Andrew is a senior at JHU, a double major in CS and mathematics. He likes building gaming computers, playing tennis, and listening to new music.

Camila Camacho, Vice Chair

Camila is a senior Computer Science major with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management. APO brother, Daivu co-founder, and on JaySquad. Will recommend you a song, podcast, or stand-up show, just ask!

Aubin Lohier, Secretary

Aubin is currently pursuing a Computer Science major at the Johns Hopkins University. Aubin was born and raised in New York City and Long Island. His interests and hobbies include exploring urban landscapes, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and finding new restaurants. When you can’t find him at his computer, you can probably find him shopping to expand his collection of graphic sweaters and T-shirts.

Mary Joseph, Treasurer

I have only one goal in my tenure as Treasurer, and that is to become the future President of the ACM.

Alexandre Chaulot, Sys Admin

Alex is a Junior CS Student and the Systems Administrator of the ACM. Enjoys Pasta and anything Cyber Security.

Eric Rothman, Sys Admin

Eric is a senior CS and AMS double major. In his free time he likes to play fighting games or watch anime/read manga. He also likes to program in general so ask him whenever you need help with CS homework.